Muonionalusta Meteorite amulet pendant, rune symbol Mannaz magic necklace

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Meteorite country: Sweden
Date of find: 1906
Type: Iron
Size: 27 x 17 x 2 mm
Chain Length : 50 cm
Сertificate of authenticity!

Meaning of the rune Mannaz:
It is a positive rune when extracted, symbolizing not only the human being and humanity, but also kindness.
Socially, it predicts a lot of activity and plenty of communication.
Financially, we use the relationships we established to advance our own business or we obtain the help of a group or of a well-intentioned person. We enjoy good stability and we are engaged in a very healthy financial flow.
Things are going well on all levels, communication is very good and the partners are supporting each other, regardless of the severity of the situation.
In terms of health, this rune brings health, immunity and vitality. We are in balance with both our inner and outer selves and we can say everything is in harmony. We are enjoying our lives and we evolve in the right direction.

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